Mid-Career Online Masterclass

Dream Job Search System

Get 7 fast-paced, engaging and sleek modules bursting with insider secrets and step-by-step strategies; all to help you land the job of your dreams, QUICK! I've poured my heart (and 20+ years experience as a hiring exec and award winning staffing pro) into this one-of-a-kind online program.

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Mid-Career Coaching

Careernetworx Coaching

Group or individual...Get powerfully supportive guidance down the path to success with your Careernetworx Coach by your side. With a renewed focus, a jolt of motivation and some serious accountability, you'll work together to transform your career and your life. Need immediate help?

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Audio Inspirations

Interview Cheerleader

About to go into an interview? Give a listen to this awesome audio moments before your next meeting. You'll get motivated to excel beyond your limits, calm your jitters and build confidence with this pre-interview "personal pep rally."

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Grasp Mindset

Don't JUST survive... THRIVE! Simply listen to this subliminal new mantra to break bad habits and release negative thought. You'll shift your thinking to focus on growth, resilience, action, self-confidence, and purpose. Available nowhere else.

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Networking Karma Audio

Fear and complacency, be gone! Positive affirmations will help you build your confidence to talk to anyone. Listen and overcome all those self limiting personal obstacles -- be your best self and make every networking opportunity a more rewarding (AND fun!) experience. Introverts love it!

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Networking Karma: How Today's Cutting Edge Networking Trends Can Help You Connect and Conquer


Are you shy, introverted, awkward or uncertain when it comes to networking? This book will help you get past your sticking points--read it and see your relationships and dreams take shape!

BONUS: The #1 can't fail networking approach to becoming the most unforgettable person in the room.

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Happy career. Happy life.