…WHEN so many folks tried to talk me out of becoming an entrepreneur, I rebelled! And then went on to start 3 firms of my own; businesses that focus on helping people like you find happiness in their professional life.

Yeah, I’m bold enough to put my feet up on my desk.
(But I’m pretty humbled by the awards that line my walls, too!)

From being recognized as CEO of the Year in 2017 by CV Magazine, to being One of 50 Top Business Women in 2013 by NJBIZ, to being honored as a finalist by Enterprising Women Magazine in 2013 as a Top Female Entrepreneur, to having my firm recognized 4 years in a row as a Top Business by diversitybusiness.com…

I’ve built my dream around helping people achieve THEIR own success–And I did it all around my core beliefs…

  • Happiness is measured by the power of your passion, not the size of your paycheck.
  • “Someday” is not on the calendar.
  • Tough times don’t last but tough people do.
  • If you connect, you can conquer anything.
  • Authenticity is more important than approval.

My story wasn’t written overnight. Here’s the low down…

I graduated NYU and broke into the music industry with Sony Music, where I learned the value of a 16-hour workday. (And a breakfast of Diet Pepsi!) Several years later, I took these minor vices with me as I made a career in HR. Today, 20 years later, I’m known in my industry as a leader, a connector and–I’ll brag just a little here–a career fixer..

My experiences as a corporate staffing executive (for both a global software start-up and a pharma giant) as well as a staffing agency owner opened my eyes–IN A BIG WAY– to the harsh realities of the world of employment! I know all too well the behind-the-scenes hiring schemes plaguing corporate America! But I also know the secrets to finding a job and the value of working with a purpose.

And now, to make the playing field fair, I’m sharing the truth with you…

But first, a confession!

While rising through the ranks, I’ll admit that I got more than a little frustrated at seeing the conscious decisions and unconscious biases (not to mention the self-preservation, bad behavior and warped thinking that started the “So What” Revolution and my TEDx Talk) that control most hiring.

I also saw the flip side of the story. The misery of unexplained layoffs. The wrath of “boss holes”. The lack of control sooo many people feel when trying to get back to work. The dread of being stuck in an unfulfilling job. The struggle to find passion and purpose at work.

And I’ve heard the heartbreak of the unemployed, too many times to count. Their voices crack as they describe being buried in bills, losing their homes, downgrading plans for their families’ futures. Ugggh…

I know how it feels. I’ve been exactly where you are now!

After 20+ years of climbing the corporate ladder, I lost my job during the great recession of 2009. (Not sure why they called it GREAT; it was brutal!) But looking back, that very scary and uncertain time was actually a blessing in disguise. I was forced to reevaluate my priorities, set new goals and overcome obstacles to create my own dream career! I started Consultnetworx, a staffing firm with a difference. A few years later, my second company, Speednetworx–a Speed Networking event firm–was launched.

And that was just the beginning…

I promised myself that my companies would support every job candidate by providing all the insight, information and hand-holding needed to take on their job hunt, clarify their career goals and succeed! This business blueprint soon became my personal and professional passion.

Every day my job centered around one-on-one counseling, where I:

  • Revealed gaping holes in resumes
  • Shared to-dos (and don’ts) for interview and networking success
  • Dug deep to discover where job candidates truly “fit”
  • Negotiated offers in ways that made everyone feel like a winner
  • Helped candidates avoid desperate decision-making
  • Uncovered “gotchas” hidden in job offers
  • Turned short-sighted job grabs into smart career plans

I reviewed over a million resumes and
helped put over 15,000 people into jobs they love.

Over time, I’ve received countless thank you notes. Thousands of referrals. And lots and lots of flowers. I’ve also amassed a huge and growing network of connections on LinkedIn. And my unconventional networking know-how inspired me to write my first book, Networking Karma (It recently won the 2016 IndieReader Discovery Award for top business book. Such an honor!)

Soon, the requests for even more focused coaching started rolling in. I was astounded by the sheer number of people like you who needed help finding a job, looking for a fresh start or discovering their true purpose!

The responses I received from
grateful job candidates sparked another idea!

I thought, I have to share my secrets and strategies with EVERYONE in the workforce! (I know that’s a lofty goal but I like to THINK BIG!) So I went on to develop a system based on my proven coaching formula revealing, action-based, accelerated online program called The Dream Job Search System.

I created this system as a self-learning program to help empower job seekers with tools for a lifetime – an online program that cracks the job search code and shows you how to quickly reach your personal and professional goals. But as I reached my mid-career, I noticed an especially alarming level of misery among my peers. Aging professionals experiencing unique job struggles and suffering emotionally because they couldn’t live their dreams. Their identities and hopes were being challenged. These people (folks just like me) were feeling empty and isolated and needed a special kind of assistance — they were being overlooked by society and in the career coaching world.

I was frustrated (actually BESIDE MYSELF) that no one in the industry was focusing on this vital group of professionals. And then another a ha moment!

It’s Time To Invest In You!

My team and I rolled up our sleeves and got to work developing The Mid-Career Cure, a coaching concept especially for the 40+ crowd. This one-of-a-kind platform blends the training of my proprietary DJSS methodology with a treasure trove of insight, advice and accountability especially valuable for mid-career professionals. My Mid-Career clients get unequalled, results-focused support with:

  • career change
  • employee relations
  • interviewing, resumes
  • confidence building
  • returning to the workforce
  • executive coaching and more.

Best of all, my insight crosses dozens of industries, including: accounting, design, manufacturing and sales, just to name a few.

After all, I’m totally devoted to helping mid-career folks define their path, rebuild their confidence and step out of their comfort zone to jumpstart career success.

Happy career. Happy life.