Take Control

Your passion. Your goals. Your vision for the future. They're all finally within reach! With Gail in your corner, you'll get powerful, positive tools, expert secrets and innovative strategies you'll use--not just today, but through all of the shifting stages of your life--to change your thinking, build your confidence and live your dreams.

Be Inspired

Fire up your energy and unlock the secrets to true motivation! With Gail as your very own personal cheerleader, you'll discover and achieve all the greatness you're capable of! Compassionate and understanding, your world-class coach "GETS IT!" Together, you'll move swiftly past your frustration, look deep inside your heart and renew your spirits.

Fulfill Your Potential

Get ready to set a course for success, break through the cycle of status-quo and stay on track to find your happy place. Working with Gail is an investment in your future and an incredibly personal partner-ship that brings a serious, new level of accountability to all your life and career goals.

Individual Coaching Solutions Include:

Resume / LinkedIn Coaching

Learn how to create a resume and LinkedIn profile that will showcase your personal brand. Get noticed by employers and land your dream job quick.

Interview Coaching

Be more confident, positive and memorable. You will learn and overcome your interview blind spots so you become the irresistible candidate on every interview.

Executive Coaching

Learn to become the best version of yourself so you can lead and build a successful team. Team building, organizational performance, persuasion, and conflict resolution are just some of the areas that will be explored.

Negotiation Coaching

Show me the money. Never get underpaid again. Learn the precise steps and skills to get paid what you’re worth.

Passion to Purpose Coaching

Where do your passions, skills and experience overlap? Working together, you and your coach will identify your ideal career and move you toward success.

Entrepreneur Coaching

Crystalize your vision, passion and goals as you build your business. Learn how to build a successful infrastructure and brand so your business gets noticed quickly. Overcome obstacles while honing a winning mindset.

Consultant Coaching

Discover your unique value proposition, learn to build your pipeline and become a thought-leader in your space to get more great clients.

Networking Coaching

Develop a networking roadmap to build meaningful business relationships utilizing the Networking Karma methodology. Get comfortable in your skin and accept yourself so you can shift the focus on other while feeling more connected.

Job Success Coaching

Become the irresistible employee. Get expert advice on how to expertly maneuver corporate politics so you can effectively thrive amongst your peers and leadership team. Learn how to increase your effectiveness at your job, handle conflict resolution, and make adjustments for greater job satisfaction.

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Younique Power Hour

1-on-1 Coaching with Gail (55 MINUTES)

$495.00 $395.00

(If you sign up for hourly coaching in November, you will have a lifetime rate of $395 per hour.)
Expires 11/30/17

Gail is available for private Skype or phone sessions.

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