• No more sabotaging your success with your defeated, disgruntled and desperate emotional state! (Stop it before it seeps into all parts of your job search.)
  • No more worrying or wondering if your age is an obstacle to getting hired.
  • No more stressing that something in your work history could be hurting your reputation, your income potential or your future
  • No more missing out on being found by the recruiters who are looking to hire someone like you...right now!
  • No more wondering if your old-school job search techniques are taking you out of the running
  • No More Losing! You'll have everything you need to super-charge your job search and get hired, quick!

Dear Job Seeker,

I'll be blunt: If you're like most people in their mid-career looking for a new job, you're probably going about it all wrong...

Today, companies play by different rules than the ones you may know. In many cases, you're set up for failure before you even begin your maddening, rollercoaster ride of a job search. It's enough to overwhelm anyone...

You need unconventional guerrilla tactics, so you can understand (and in some cases use) the exact tricks and techniques HR uses AND BEAT THEM AT THEIR OWN GAME!

Over the years, I've coached over 15,000 job seekers to land their dream job. I've written an award-winning book about networking for success, my career advice has been featured in print and online, in more than two hundred articles, blogs, podcasts and interviews.

Now I'm Here To Help YOU Get Hired Too!

But I'll be honest... sometimes the sheer number of mid-career people who need this help makes my head spin, gets me really frustrated and, frankly, fires me up. (I just can't stand to see so many awesome people make so many needless job search mistakes.) That's why I felt I HAD TO bring my insider secrets to the masses.

And it's why I created the Dream Job Search System.

With DJSS, you'll...

  • Reset your mindset for positivity! LESS procrastination. More motivation.
  • Maximize your potential by dealing with your bad habits, deep-seated ideas and success-busting behaviors (Newsflash: they're hiding in your blind-spot. I'll show you...)
  • Reveal your awesomeness, skills and accomplishments. (My coaching clients are always shocked to discover how much good stuff they've got to offer.)
  • Reframe your focus to keep you accountable through every step of your job search.
  • Connect with the BEST opportunities quickly, confidently and scientifically. (Using the secret maneuvers recruiters don't want you to know!)
  • Become an Irresistible Candidate and attract hiring managers with the qualities that they LOVE in any employee

You will discover your irresistibility (At any age)
and be able to use it again and again!

The dream job search system will help unleash your potential

No matter what industry you’re in, this step-by-step, straightforward system-- based on my proven career coaching methodology--will totally change the way you think about your job search.

In just 4 weeks, you're going to walk away with:

  • A wealth of wisdom to get hired quickly for the job YOU want!
  • Knowing how to LEVERAGE your time and effort to maximize your search – whether you’re currently unemployed or stuck in a dead-end job.
  • Insider secrets to bypassing HR and talk directly to the decision maker
  • How to bolster your reputation and get the phone ringing off the hook with invitations to interview
  • How to craft your resume so your mid-career skills and experiences align with exactly what they’re looking for
  • The secrets to answering interview questions using powerful storytelling. BTW, This is an amazing skill you’ll use throughout your career and life.
  • Five ways to lay the groundwork for higher earning potential. Most job seekers miss this and leave thousands of dollars on the table.
  • What to do if you’re asked to come in for an exploratory interview even though there’s no job openings. I’ll tell you exactly what to do to make the visit worth your while.
  • How to easily turn one contact into many. This will exponentially grow your network and get your foot into so many more doors …much more easily.
  • A bunch of simple, little behind-the-scenes tips that will save you tons of time, frustration and energy and keep you from learning “the hard way?” When I share these tidbits, sooo many people say, “I wish I knew this sooner…”
  • An Interview Arsenal you’ll treasure. No, you’re not going to memorize the answers to every question, word-for-word. You’re going to learn my “magic” formula for how to structure you’re presentation so you make the right impression, while sounding natural, positive and intelligent. Once you’re in the zone and armed with this Arsenal, you’ll see how many opportunities effortlessly open up for you, regardless of your age.
  • The exact language and structure you need to “close the deal” after a great interview.
  • The CONFIDENCE that comes with being READY to ROCK your job search!

Take control of your job search!

You may be wondering...

“Gail, how exactly are you going to teach me to do all of this
in just a few weeks?

Fair Question!
Here’s My Answer…

I’ve designed this system to go much, much deeper than one of those courses that gets you all worked up and then leaves you out in the cold, struggling to find the time and the focus to get the work done.

I care way too much to ever do that to you! I’ve built my reputation on helping people just like YOU!

I’m going to be there, ushering you through this process, all the way to the smiling, happy end of your job search.

The Dream Job Search System Will Teach You How To Get Hired Quickly!

Here’s the low-down:

Once you join me, you’ll receive an invitation to our exclusive online portal. That’s where you’ll find every step of the entire Dream Job Search System unfold for you in a clear, easy-to-follow format.

With each module, you’ll have assignments to complete from the program. You’ll need to watch the webinars and go through the work. Then, you’ll join me for a 60-minute group Q&A call, where I’ll answer your questions, provide on-the-fly coaching and more.

But here’s the thing. You’ve got to do the work to get in on the group calls (otherwise it’s not much of an accountability program, is it?)

If you miss a call, no worries! Every one of them will be recorded and posted in the portal for you to replay.

Donna L.

Your Job Search will Suck Less with DJSS. You’ll completely rethink your approach to finding a job and you’ll learn absolutely everything you need to compete in today’s job market.

I’ve developed an accelerated, 7-module system that ‘s high-tech AND high touch…


The Dream Job Search System is a sleek, engaging, step-by-step online program that’s packed with time-saving cheat sheets, revealing workbooks, valuable resources and virtual hand holding (and so much more) to guide you quickly from frustration to transformation!

Here’s why it works:

  • It’s created by an industry expert.
    I hate the word EXPERT but, hey, it’s what qualifies ME to help YOU. As a hiring executive and award-winning staffing pro with over 20 years experience; and as the #1 Business Book author, I CAN make a powerful difference in your job search. (It’s an amazing feeling for me too!)
  • It’s delivered with a little edge.
    My Jersey style is part inspiration, part motivation and 100%, totally real. I don’t pull any punches, whether I’m giving you the REAL DEAL about the hiring process or setting you straight about your self-destructive habits. DJSS will surprise, energize and entertain you. Most importantly it will train you and discipline your habits!
  • It’s focused on quick results.
    There’s no beating around the bush. This system is designed to break your dry spell as quickly as possible. It is fast-paced and very direct (Let’s face it! You don’t have time for B@#%SH%^*T)


7 Online Modules
(With Unlimited Replay)

Interactive Online Forum

Downloadable Tools

Weekly Live Group Q&A calls

Dream Job Worksheets, Journals, and Planners

Membership in the dream job Facebook club

Limited-Time Bonuses Worth $100s for Launch Members

Extra Special Bonuses for our early birds

Invest in your destiny, you deserve this!

Choose the option that works best for you

Finally, no more guess work!

All the advice, tools and resources you NEED are here in ONE PLACE and PROVEN to get you results, fast!

Resume writers, outplacement firms, LinkedIn profile advisors and life coaches are all out there for you to hire. You could spend hundreds if not $1000s for their help and information but you still wouldn’t get the magnitude of hands-on tools, worksheets, journals and downloads that you’ll have at your fingertips with DJSS.


You get insanely valuable insight into the murky mysteries of the hiring process! (And very few people are willing or able to share this with you.)


Gail's interview resume training was great! She understands the specific interests and goals of the job seeker. Her honest and clear approach is what I needed to improve. Gail sincerely wants to see her clients succeed. I feel better prepared and more confident to take on the work force!

100% satisfaction or your money back. Guaranted! 30 day money back

This isn't fluff. You'll be getting a crash course in mid-career success:

Module 1: The Grasp Mindset™

It's all about Growth, Resilience, Action, Self-Confidence and Purpose. We start here because tapping into your GRASP Mindset™ is the first step to adjusting your attitude, landing your dream job and creating the life you want.

With unparalleled tools and assessments, I'll help you dig deep within your heart and mind to find out what drives you, what's working, what your opinions are, and what your best plan is.

You'll discover a better perspective

  • Your self-limiting beliefs and negative behaviors so you can pack up your internal baggage and be your best self.
  • Your unique gifts and personal preferences; this self awareness is SUPER IMPORTANT to help steer you in the right direction.
  • The things that are highest on your priorities list ... knowing this helps you target the BEST opportunities and companies.
  • The biggest procrastination magnets and how to completely eliminate then so you can fully focus on your search.
  • The four fears that may be holding you back from reaching your ultimate outcome (and how to leverage them to work FOR you instead of against you.)

Module 2: Resumeworx™

I created this innovative program because most Americans think writing a good resume is more difficult than finding a job. In fact, virtually everyone makes at least 4 mistakes on their resume. (Everyday, I see some of the most qualified candidates end up in the NO PILE because of these needless errors.) This is the same info I share with my private coaching clients and it massively helps to present yourself in a polished, professional, AGE-DEFYING light!

You'll discover a better perspective

  • How to create a killer resume that stops bust recruiters in their tracks and grabs them on an emotional level (this is huge considering they usually only spend 6 seconds looking at each one!)
  • The common resume formatting mistakes that cut your odds for an interview by 60% (and how to fix these and improve your chances exponentially ... in less than one minute!)
  • Cutting edge resume tends to make you memorable. (Have you seen these personal website and innovative video resumes? WOW!) Get the low-down and the tools to crank'em out. Piece of cake!
  • The 3-P's of the perfect cover letter (Everyone should know this. But they don't. Trust me.)
  • How to fill the gaps in your resume for success! Resumeworx™ will help you tell a story about your work history that'll be totally riveting!
  • The annoying and over-used resume clichés that recruiters absolutely HATE and some cleaver alternatives that will intrigue and excite them.
  • How to age-proof your resume. These little tricks will help protect your from unfair biases in the early stages of the hiring process.
  • What most people get wrong in the EMPLOYMENT OBJECTIVE section and the 5 elements to make it right.

Module 3: Social Media Makeover

Your online presence provides a VERY revealing story about you to the world, and can attract (or repel) potential employers. This module shows you how to optimize your social media accounts to help recruiters find YOU!


  • The sneaky little changes you can make to your LinkedIn profile to boost your ranking and get more eyeballs on YOU.
  • Three Twitter bio strategies to grab recruiters’ attention.
  • How to customize your Facebook contact lists to turn your personal page into a professional magnet. (No one does this…but they should!)
  • How to use Pinterest to build eye-popping online portfolios that get noticed and shared.
  • The VERY easy and fast way to create and promote video resume on YouTube. (Why would you pay someone when you can DIY…PDQ!?)

Module 4: Networking Karma

80% of jobs are found through networking, so growing your connections and nurturing your relationships is vital to your job search success. Taking a palms-up approach to networking (where you consider each chance meeting and budding relationship as an opportunity GIVE TO others) is what I call Networking Karma. And it works! Get it right and you’ll make people actually WANT to help you land your dream job.


  • Introvert inspiration! Low key listeners can be quiet influencers. See how to tap into your strengths to build a professional and personal fan base. Doors will open. Introductions will be made. And opportunities will pop up. It’s amazing!
  • Networking event know-how, complete with super strategies for breaking the ice, handshake tips, non-awkward eye contact how-tos, and body language hacks. Plus, learn what to pass around instead of your resume.
  • A whole boat-load of sample emails you can use to network like a pro! They’re super simple and concise, right at your fingertips so you can easily keep your new relationships going…or strengthen existing ones.
  • A surprising fashion “don’t” that can make you appear more successful to others and elevate your reputation.
  • How to provide value, build awareness, and create relevance around YOU using social media. There is a right and a wrong way to use it for your job search.
  • The #1, can’t-fail networking approach to becoming the most visible -- and unforgettable -- person in the room. (Hint: It’s all about Karma.)

Module 5: Step by Step Job Search

With time-saving tools, valuable resources and expert insight, I’ll help you set short-term goals, identify the unique, mid-career characteristics that set you apart from other candidates and find the right opportunities FOR YOU! You’ll be blown away by how easy it is to hone in on your target jobs.


  • How to gauge your chances at getting the job…it’s all about the job funnel.
  • Avoid the resume black hole -- You know, that mysterious place where 100s of your resumes disappear to, without response.
  • Master my exclusive, step-by-step, RTA system--No one else is sharing this with job seekers! You'll get foolproof strategies to research, target and apply to the best jobs for you! (90% of my private clients have seen an improved success rate in landing interviews.)
  • Tap LinkedIn’s super-secret features. There’s an enormous, hidden job market in there –- finally, you’ll know how to unlock it.
  • The worst job application mistakes and how NOT to make them so you can get the interview!

Module 6: Interview with impact

I’m so excited for you to get to this part of the system and start thinking like a recruiter and hiring manager. Once you’ve got this under your belt, your confidence will soar and your communication skills will be ON POINT to ace your interviews, regardless of your age! (And GET THE OFFERS.)


  • Plan for interview greatness with your 30-60-90 day plan -- it'll make your job search as painless as possible.
  • What it means to SHINE BRIGHT. This acronym is sure to become your Power Mantra—a constant reminder to keep you in the winner’s zone.
  • How to slay your phone interview and get the interviewer to continue the conversation in person.
  • The 3 things you must do before you walk through that front door.
  • How to bust through the HR roadblocks quick and get to the person who will ultimately make the decision on the hire.
  • How to get off on the right foot, put your interviewer at ease (believe it or not they get nervous too) so they want to spend more time to get to know you. Likeability is key!
  • What to say to make hiring managers recognize the value of your maturity -- make them HUNGER for your mid-career skills and experience.

How to answer questions like a S.T.A.R. (yup, another acronym that works) And even more valuable, how to quickly recover from an awkward, inconsistent or unclear interview answer – you CAN save your stumbles.

  • The one question you MUST ask your interviewer in order to leave on a high note!
  • How to recognize the moment when your nerves kick in and the simple technique to calm them on the spot.
  • What not to wear. There are some not-so-obvious no-nos that make recruiters and hiring manager cringe. (I’ve actually seen people lose out on jobs because they wore these. Seriously!)

Module 7: Negotiation Conversations

Explore the specific tactics and precise steps you MUST take to get paid what you’re worth at this point in your career. After all, based on my 20+ years of experience as a staffing executive, I can attest to the FACT that many, many companies are willing to negotiate with the right candidate.


  • What you should and shouldn’t say to negotiate a 20% salary bump. This incredibly valuable insight is based on tons of expert research PLUS my personal success in working out amazing deals with Fortune 500s employers.
  • The tools that will pull back the curtain and reveal if the salary is truly “set in stone.”
  • The red flags that tell you to run (don’t walk) away from the negotiation table.
  • How to build on your bonus, vacation time or other perks when the salary is 100% non-negotiable.
  • The one email that can set you up for a giant step up on the salary ladder.


Every module will integrate my Authentic Self Brand Formula to ensure that your unique, mid-career values, distinct talents, personal passions and skills are showcased (and consistent) throughout your job search and your life. This unique focus will give you a HUGE competitive advantage in your job search.

Weekly, 60-minute group Q&A calls. Just dial in and ask anything related to your course work or your current challenges. I’ll answer your questions, provide on-the-fly coaching and more. This is priceless feedback you can’t get anywhere else! It’s also recorded for easy play-back at your convenience.

And of course, the DREAM JOB FACEBOOK CLUB: This Members-Only Community is sure to become your lifeline. Your peers will have your back, encouraging you through the program, cheering you on and giving you helpful ideas that have worked for them. Plus, I’ll frequently be on hand to answer your burning job search question … It’s a great way to stay on track and (DARE I SAY IT) enjoy the journey!

100% satisfaction or your money back. Guaranteed!

I know you’ll be thrilled!

After all, the Dream Job Search System has been a labor of love and a massive undertaking to get it to this PERFECT place… it is a culmination of soooo many years of hands-on experience, industry-specific study and of course, my passion for helping thousands meet their career goals.

If you make the effort, I’ll make this promise!

The Dream Job Search System is not for those who want it, wait for it or wish for it… it’s for those who are willing to WORK for it! If you are TRULY ready to do the important work required to finally land your dream job, the DJSS will give you absolutely everything you need!

With DDJS, I’m confident you’ll succeed!

That’s why I have NO problem offering you a 30-day money-back guarantee on my system. If you do all the work and are not dazzled with the course, let me know within 30 days of sign-on and I’ll promptly refund all your money!

Life is what you make of it
after all no one else can count on you besides yourself!

It’s time to Decide to Do.

No one has as much to gain or lose as you do. No one else is going to make an investment in your job search skills to maximize your sanity, your career and your life. It’s called empowerment and it’s up to you.

So take control of your job search and your life… get ready to roll up your sleeves and put in the hard work. (Because there’s no reward without it!)

I'm not going to make you successful, YOU ARE! I'm only going to show you the way...

Here’s what I know:

Life is short. Stop wasting day after day in a job that you hate.

Sure, making a change is scary and hard. But staying in a miserable role, working for a horrible boss or a dysfunctional company is SO MUCH worse. If you can’t fix it, let go of it.

Virtually everyone who has ever been laid off or quit their job eventually finds they’re better for it.

Your career, just like your life, is cyclical. The ups and downs are part of the BIG picture. Having tools like the DJSS to accept and deal with change will get you through the toughest times.

"Job security" is a thing of the past.

People entering the workforce within the past few years may have more than 10 different jobs before retirement. The lack of job security is something that everyone must accept as part of the new normal.

You need more than wishes, hopes and maybes to land your dream job.

With DJSS you’ll be armed for life with the tools, support, secrets and strategies to get through all the uncertainty.

Enroll today & say yes to success ...


Invest in 1-on-1 Coaching

Happy career. Happy life.